Available Fixtures

Braza’s solutions and accessories sell best when they are displayed on a fixture near the checkout counter. Many of our products are problem solvers and impulse items so high visibility pays off. Please contact us at: braza@brazabra.com for more information on our fixtures. Indicate the display you are interested in, and which of our products you would like to display on this fixture. We will then be able to make a custom plan-o-gram for you for that display. There are minimums associated with each fixture and a fixture will be provided only once per location.

The 3 groups of displays shown below give you a good visual of how each brand will look on the displays.

Note: Most displays can be used for any of the Brands that we sell. Please contact us with any questions you may have.





 We have a merchandising tool that will help you sell more Braza problem solving products. Just put this ring of Braza products on your counter, near the register or in your dressing room and the products will sell themselves. So while you are helping others, the Braza merchandiser is working for you! Cards are available for most of our products. Let us know if you would like some with your next order.