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Bra Accessories

Bra Accessories

Braza’s Bra Strap Accessories include our colorful and fun line of Sassy Bra Straps, Perfume Brooches and Bra Bling.

Sassy Bra Straps work easily with all strapless and convertible bras that have strap loops or tabs and will turn your Customers ordinary strapless or convertible bras into a cool fashion statement. Your Customers can also convert any conventional bra, or even strapped tops, with a quick cut and sew. 

Perfume Brooches crafted exclusively with SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS attach easily to any bra, blouse or cami and will keep your customers feeling fresh all day long. 

Strap Bling adds glitz and glam to every outfit and is the perfect compliment for any number of Braza's Sassy Straps, especially when paired with one of the Bandeau Bra’s

 They will also attach to any bra, tank top or garment with straps. Bling adds glitz and glam to every outfit. Your customers can ' mix and match' to create a new look every day. 

A great add-on sale and gift item that your customers will appreciate.

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