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Trinny & Susannah

Trinny & Susannah


Dropping A Dress Size:

It is perfectly possible to drop a dress size when wearing this shaping underwear. It is absolutely guaranteed that they will improve the look and shape of any woman.

For over a decade Trinny & Susannah have been helping women discover how to improve their shape, their style and their confidence by using simple rules of dressing that suit a woman's individual shape. They did get on Oprah's radar and were guests on her show several times.

Their unique style of consultation has been a phenomenal success in the U.K., where they were the trailblazers of the Modern Style and Makeover show.

Their fame has spread wide throughout Western and Northern Europe and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

In 2006 they joined forces with Cette, one of Europe's premier hosiery and shapewear brands to produce their own collection of shaping underwear.

By using high quality yarns to produce a mix of fibres, and a technically precise knit construction these products are the best in their class when it comes to shaping & toning underwear.

The range has become one of the most sought after and trusted brands of shapewear throughout the U.K. and Europe. When these garments are worn they reduce fat rolls, banish saddle bags and lift the bottom. They flatten the tummy, tone the thighs and support the back.

They are comfortable to wear and because they are knitted with specific technical expertise they are also seam free to reduce any visible lines when worn under tight clothing.

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